Getting Aggressive with Secondary Grinding

Typical applications include chips and shavings.


The rechipper is a modified HD hog with a more aggressive cut, hardsurfaced ring lugs and abrasion resistant wear lines in the cutting chamber.


The HD series uses HD-GM rings with an 18-3/4” cutting circle and a steel flywheel for stored rotational energy to power through momentary surge loads.


The discharge material can typically be conveyed up to 100 feet into a cyclone, truck, or open field using the #40, #50 or #60 Integral Fan.

Equipment Specifications

  • Processing Capacity

    Up to 10 tons per hour
  • Model Sizes

    10” – 18” – 26” – 34”
    42” – 50” – 58” – 66”
  • Power Requirements

    75 hp – 200 hp
  • Cutting Circle

    18-3/4" Diameter

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