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High Performance Hogs and Accessories

These days it’s called going green. We’ve always referred to it as pulling money out of the trashcan. Waste not; want not – it’s just common sense. Size reduction provides a means of utilizing many types of dry solids that can be reclaimed, recycled or burned as fuel. In 1946, W.T.S. Montgomery invented and patented the Punch and Die Hog as a better way to extract higher value out of a variety of waste materials. Originally designed to convert wood and bark scrap into more efficient boiler fuel, Montgomery Hog applications now include mulch, particleboard, charcoal, fuel pellets, bull screen rejects, veneer, pallets, corrugated paper, gypsum rock, oil shale, industrial trash, roofing shingles, polyurethane scrap and many forms of plastics. Across a broad spectrum of applications, it’s hard to beat the proven results of Montgomery.