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We build our equipment to be durable.  We approach Customer Service the same way.

Are you shopping used or looking at a hog purchased long ago, wondering what kind of shape it is in and if it will work for what you really need it to do?  Call and let us help.

We have thousands of machines in the field in a large variety of applications.  Different models are designed to do different things.  We are happy to help you determine if the piece of equipment in front of you is the right machine for the job.

We take the mystery out of the process and empower you with good information.  Whether you need some free advice over the phone, want a breakdown of parts and costs, or prefer to send something in for complete evaluation, our experience is ready to work for you.

We offer a large inventory of parts and complete rebuilding services.  As the company that designed and built it, we know how all the parts and pieces work together and can help you keep it running the way it was engineered to perform.


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