About Montgomery Industries

Montgomery Industries manufactures high performance wood and bark hogs to convert large volumes of wood waste into boiler fuel or landscaping mulch.  Our hogs are engineered to require less horsepower and produce consistent end product with a minimum of fines.  The result is a more efficient burn in the boiler and a higher quality of mulch.

Our equipment can also grind a variety of other materials including veneer, paper, polyurethane, aluminum, carpet, plastics, shale, pallets, cross ties and tires.  Whatever the waste reduction application, consistent end product is the trademark of a Montgomery.  Our machines are ruggedly built and thoughtfully designed for straightforward maintenance.

However, there are no shortcuts on the road to excellence.  Trying to save a nickel and it ends up costing you a dollar.  It’s a cautionary tale we’ve heard many times.  An aftermarket supplier or local shop presents their company as an expert on Montgomery equipment.  They pitch you on their expertise and a chance to save a little money.  They may add some convenience by personally bringing you the parts.  How different can the parts be?  Sounds like a good deal.

Before long, your machine doesn’t produce like it used to and it sure feels like you’re spending a lot of money on maintenance.  No wonder they come by all the time.  It’s good for their business.  Unfortunately, it’s not so good for yours.  When they finally run out of excuses, you start to realize they talk a good game but they’re doing you no favors.

You call Montgomery and we help you get the machine back in shape.  We provide you with parts that are engineered to perform.  We know how the equipment is designed because we designed it.  The clearances are right.  The materials are right.  All of a sudden, the quality of the end product goes up.  The process volume goes up.  The wear items last longer so you’re in the machine less often and the total cost of maintenance goes down.

Once you see how a Montgomery is supposed to work, you begin to understand the value of factory parts.  You also begin to appreciate how much this “deal” has really cost you.