Rechipper Series

Getting Aggressive with Secondary Grinding

In applications for secondary grinding, Montgomery offers its Rechipper Series.  Knowing that the material is entering the hog as pre-ground chips and sticks, the ring is designed to expose the tooth so that it takes a more aggressive cut as it passes by the anvils and directs material across the sizing screen.

The cutting chamber includes plates made of either abrasion resistant or stainless steel that can be removed from the hog and replaced as needed.

When the secondary grinding involves bull screen rejects in the harsh papermaking environment, the Montgomery Bull Screen Rechipper comes prepared for the job.

In addition to the aggressive cut and wear liners in the cutting chamber, the bearings are sealed, hose bibs are provided for flushing, stainless steel is welded to the rings and the housing is covered in a special anti-corrosion epoxy.

For the ultimate in corrosion resistance, the housing, wear liners, hardware, rings, teeth and screen can all be manufactured out of stainless steel.