Because Sometimes You Just Need to See it to Believe it

Whether you want to learn more about your existing machine or browse information before purchasing, we’ve got you covered. Click on the different buttons below to see videos sorted by Hog type.

The KC Series excels in high volume applications. Typical environments include sawmills, plywood mills, mulch processing, and specialty recycling processing. Videos for the KC Series include:

  • Maintenance Procedures
  • Hogs in Action – Processing Cypress, Mulch, Pine, etc.
  • Principles of Operation
  • Hydraulic Add-On Demonstrations

T3 Cut Hogs with Horizontal Infeed are specifically designed to process long pieces of scrap. Whether you need to grind veneer roundup, particleboard, plywood, or wood – if it is over 8 feet long, the horizontally fed hogs are up for the challenge. Videos for Horizontal Feed Hogs include:

  • Hogs in Action – Grinding Slab Cuts, Trim Ends, etc.

T3 Cut Hogs with Gravity Infeed are great for processing wood scrap like blocks, cutoffs, edgings, trim ends, and slabs. They excel in sawmill applications, veneer processing, grinding pulp and paper chip overs, and planer mill applications. Videos for Gravity Fed Hogs include:

  • Hydraulic Add-On Demonstrations

The HH36 Series Swinghammer Hog is a staple in the coarse reduction of bark and solid waste like yard trash or construction debris. Typical applications include the processing of bark, gypsum, and particleboard. Videos for the HH36 Series include:

  • Hogs in Action – Processing Bark for Fuel
  • Hydraulic Add-On Demonstrations