The Original

Typical applications include bark and wood scrap such as blocks, cutoffs, edgings, slabs and trim ends up to 4” thick.


Other applications include veneer roundup, polyurethane scrap, plywood, paper, gypsum and particleboard.


The HD series uses HD-GM rings with an 18-3/4” cutting circle and a steel flywheel for stored rotational energy to power through momentary surge loads.


The rings can be hardsurfaced to extend their economic life in abrasive applications.


Gravity discharge of material out of an opening in the base plate of the hog.

Equipment Specifications

  • Processing Capacity

    Up to 20 tons per hour
  • Model Sizes

    10" - 18" - 26" - 34"
    42" - 50" - 58" - 66"
  • Power Requirements

    50 hp - 350 hp
  • Cutting Circle

    18-3/4" Diameter