Powered Feed Roll Components
Blo-Hog Compatibility Locking Padeyes for Easy Maintenance Counterweights for Controlled Feed Feed Height Adjusters Rotating Drum for Optimal Infeed Guard Covers Flange Bearings

Blo-Hog Compatibility

Montgomery Powered Feed Rolls are compatible with all horizontal infeed models, even horizontal blo-hogs.

Locking Padeyes for Easy Maintenance

Convenient Locking Padeyes on the Hog housing allow for the Feed Roll to be locked in its maintenance position. This makes it easier to change anvils, replace feed roll spikes, and perform other routine maintenance.

Counterweights for Controlled Feed

Counterweights on the back of the Powered Feed Roll allow the user to control the resistance to feed. The counterweights allow the feed to be throttled or increased depending on the application. Best of all, the counterweight system allows for the Montgomery Powered Feed Roll to function without the hassle of hydraulics or pneumatics.

Feed Height Adjusters

Feed Height Adjusters located on the Hog housing allow the user to adjust the height of the Powered Feed Roll. The Feed Roll can be raised or lowered to let in different heights of scrap, depending on the application.

Rotating Drum for Optimal Infeed

A rotating drum with spikes allows for infeed material to be gripped and pulled into the Hog cutting chamber.

Guard Covers

Guard Covers over both Feed Roll arms help to keep dust at bay. They also help protect the Powered Feed Roll motor and gear reducer from the elements.

Flange Bearings

Flange bearings allow for minimal resistance between the Feed Roll pivot shafts and the hog housing, keeping everything running smoothly.