Pulling It All Together

Selecting Components For Durable Operation

Once we've helped you select the right machine for the job, we can provide the right accessories for proper operation. Whether it's power transmission, structural support, feeding, dicharge, guard covers or hydraulics, Montgomery takes the guesswork out of building the total package so it all works together.

Part Options

Tailored Performance

Removable Lug Inserts. Available for model CS-KC and XL-KC hogs. Replace the part of the ring that wears without having to pull the rotor out for a major rebuild.

2-Part Teeth. Available for all T3 and KC configurations. A high-grade bolt threads into a tooth head machined from a solid block of steel. Higher toque, quicker changeovers and improved thread integrity.

Insert Swinghammer. Quicker changeouts and a profile cutting edge for improved grinding of solids.

Hardsurfacing Options. Standard, Severe Abrasion and Severe Impact. Match the right hardsufacing to the application for optimum performance. Extreme abrasion is also availble for the processing of asphalt shingles.