Swinghammer Hogs

Coarse Grinding of Bark and Solid Waste

Simple and Efficient

Swinghammer Hogs have long been a staple for the coarse reduction of bark and solid waste. Pivoting hammers attached to a spinning rotor simply pummell material until it breaks down enough to pass through a sizing screen. The breakaway swinghammers can tolerate moderate amounts of contaminants such as tramp metal that may enter the hog.

In the early 1980’s Montgomery took the basic swinghammer concept and expanded upon it with rugged imagination and thoughtful detail. The result is the Montgomery HH series of Spiral Design Swinghammer Hogs that are durably constructed, maintenance friendly and energy efficient workhorses.

Individually Pinned Hammers

Spiral Cut Design

The steel hammers in a Montgomery Hammer Hog are individually pinned between supporting rings and arranged in a spiral cut pattern. The spiral design assures steady and distributed impact, lessening the shock load on the motor as material enteres the hog. High volumes can be processed using less horsepower than would typically be required using a traditional through rod design.

The configuration is geometrically balanced to support stable operation and reduce the starting load on the motor during startup. Flywheels on both ends act to store rotational energy and also function as seals to prevent binding of material against housing endplates. Hammers are available in a variety of profiles and materials, including a removable insert design with severe abrasion hardsurfacing (shown).

Sectional Screens

When grinding bark for hogged fuel and for other coarse breakdown applications, a three section box-type welded steel screen is typically used to endure the pummeling of material across the screen. Heavy rolled steel plate with a variety of sizing hole options can also be used as an alternative method of screening. Hardsurfacing is applied to the leading edges and cutting surfaces to increase durability and extend economic life. The three screen sections are interchangeable so that only a section that is worn need be replaced. The screen sections can be removed though access doors on either side of the hog.

Easy Access for Maintenance

Front and rear access doors enable prompt inspection and servicing of the hog. Reaching the individually pinned hammers, sizing screens and replaceable wear liners in the cutting chamber is made easy with swinging barn doors on the rear of the machine and an optional hydraulic opener on the front.