Material Handling Fans

Pneumatic Conveying

The Jacksonville Blowpipe Company

Montgomery Industries Internaional, Inc. began in 1925 as the Jacksonville Blowpipe Company. Considerable experience was gained in handling a variety of industrial solid wastes such as bagasse, bark, citrus pulp, coffee, chaff, dry cement dust, fertilizer, hoggings, insulation material, metal polish dust, municipal trash, sander dust, sawdust, shavings, shredded paper, wood chips and other similar materials.

The Montgomery Blo-Hog

Integral Fan

When W.T.S. Montgomery invented the punch-and-die hog in the late 1940's, it was not long before his established business in blow pipe integrated with his growing business in hogs. Thus, the Montgomery Blo-hog was born. The Blo-Hog integrates a material handling fan into the hog, sharing the same shaft and requiring only a single drive.