Slow Speed Grinders

The Montgomery Punch-and-Die System meets Slow Speed Grinding

Montgomery Industries developed its patented punch-and-die system in 1946 to efficiently pulverize wood waste into consistent, high value end products such as boiler fuel and mulch. The value of our approach has stood the test of time and now extends to our line of LRW slow speed grinders. Computer machined anvil plates provide stationary cutters for initial punch-and-die reduction by the rotor. Once pulled into the cutting chamber, secondary reduction is achieved as the rotor cuts material across a sizing screen and sends it on its way.

Low Speed / Low Noise / Low Hassle V-Belt Drive

A big advantage of slow speed grinding is the reduction in noise that results from lower speed. However, the speed reduction required typically involves use of a mechanical gearbox, which can be a big hassle in real world grinding applications. The environment gets messy, tough stuff gets in and shocks move through the system. Our rugged construction and double reduction V-Belt drive are designed to anticipate real world conditions, hang tough and avoid maintenance headaches. The Montgomery LRW reduces the hassle factor so you can stay focused on getting the job done.

Turnkey System / Automated Operation / Quality Components

The LRW comes ready to go - including motor, starter, drive components, hydraulic system and control panel. The integrated Control Panel incorporates a programmable logic controller and two current sensing units to automate operation, control the grind and interlock with feed and discharge equipment. You will find the same rugged, quality construction and thoughtful design that has been the hallmark of our hogs for over sixty years. Be it the steel to construct the housing, bearings to support the rotor, hydraulics to operate the ram or electronics to control the grind, we take care and attention to mind the details and incorporate quality products from established, reputable manufacturers. Whether grinding hardwood blocks, edgings, pallets or a variety of creative applications, the LRW is ready for work and built to hold up over time.